I'm writing on Patreon

In July of 2020, just under four months after Baby Quinn was born, my husband R.T. passed away suddenly.

As I adjust to my new identities as widow and mama, and start to find my way back to creating again, I have moved my personal blog to Patreon.

I may return to blogging publicly at some point, but for now, I’m feeling drawn to create a cozy community of folks who are rooting for me in this new iteration of my life.

I would love to have you if you feel inclined. There are a few options for levels of support.

(As always, you can follow me at no charge on my public Instagram, where I will also be micro-blogging about my creative pursuits.)

Let's keep in touch!

I'm talking, like, once a month or so. Let's not get clingy here. I'll let you know when I've updated my blog, when new work is listed for sale, and when there are coaching offers that might be relevant to your interests.