Hey! I'm Evan.


Artist. Creative business mentor. Web designer & Digital strategist. Adventurer. Mama-to-be. Plant lady. Supermarket-aisle dancer. Passionate advocate for shunning the status quo.

(You can call me Ev.)

I wear a lot of hats.

(really, I wear hats rather infrequently because I am vain and troubled by hat hair, but stick with me)

Brand Strategy + Websites

I run a tiny-but-mighty creative studio called SixteenJuly. I offer consulting, branding, design, & web development services for folks at all stages of small business. Interested in working together? Head on over for all the details.

Creative Business Mentoring

If you're an artist, maker, writer, or other creative struggling with overwhelm in any area of life or business, this is for you. Sessions are designed to meet you where you are - whether you're struggling with systems, social media, or that elusive work/life balance.


Art Shop Now Open!

(click here.)

other details

I live in a charming, tiny, Stars Hallow-esque town in Maine, with my partner, R.T., three rescue dogs, two chinchillas, six chickens, and a foster bunny. We're preparing to welcome Baby Quinn in spring of 2020. I keep an old-school personal blog like it's 2005. Follow along.

Let's keep in touch!

I'm talking, like, once a month or so. Let's not get clingy here. I'll let you know when I've updated my blog, when new work is listed for sale, and when there are coaching offers that might be relevant to your interests.