#onebravetruth: My bliss looks like this

This week’s #onebravetruth prompt:

My bliss looks like this:

Sunday morning coffeeshop dates with my husband. Evenings spent laughing with dear friends. Fierce hugs. Deep conversations. Instant connections. Progress. Summer days. My silly pup. Iced lattes. Hard cider. Perpetual homesickness (and the joy of having people to miss). The feeling of home, and finding that within myself. The questions that don’t have answers. Love, love, love.

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#onebravetruth I am longing for…


This week’s #onebravetruth prompt:

I am longing for…

I am longing for rest. The days are passing so quickly and the weeks are whirlwinds and keeping up has left me feeling exhausted in every way. (Joyously, rest is just a few days away.)

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#onebravetruth: I am cultivating…

This week’s #onebravetruth prompt:

I am cultivating…

I am cultivating pleasure. I am allowing my life to be fertile ground for afternoon belly laughs, late night conversations, intimate connections, and opportunities for play. I am whispering tiny prayers of gratitude for the struggles that lead me here. I am showing up with a joyful heart.

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#onebravetruth: I believe that I am ______ enough


A big, huge thank you to those of you who shared your #onebravetruth last week. It was truly amazing to have you along.

On to this week’s prompt! A fill in the blank!

I believe that I am _______ enough.

Me? I believe that I am stable enough. I’ve struggled with anxiety a lot in the past, and I’m an incredibly emotional person (I often refer to myself as the Feelingest Feeler of Feelings). Those two things meshed badly at points when I was younger, and I was kind of a live wire. A combination of age and years of therapy has helped steady me through the years — but, on the other side of that, I sometimes struggle with letting myself seem too emotional. (Read: too crazy, or just all-around too much.) In reality, I’ve gotten pretty good at understanding my own emotions, where they’re coming from, and whether they’re irrational (and working through them when they are). I am both a stable person and someone who feels a lot. (I’m proud of that evolution.)

Your turn.

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#onebravetruth : I am not afraid…


I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability lately. Specifically, the little ways we keep ourselves from the world. The things we don’t share out of fear or tenderness or politeness. I think of myself as someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, but I know I’ve been in a protective shell the last little while, in the wake of all of the transitions these last few months. So, I’d like to return to my roots as a person who is vulnerable and open-hearted, and I’d like to invite you to join me on Instagram.

Let’s ease in by sharing a bit of our bravery. This week’s prompt: I am not afraid…

Me first: I am not afraid to lead with love. Even (especially) in business. (I don’t sell fear or scarcity.) Even when it means liking people first or loving people more. Even when I might get my heart broken. I’m here on this earth to put more love into the world. Full. Stop.

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