I’ve never been much for coloring inside the lines.

I grew up the oldest child in a large, secular, unschooling family… which is not to say that I grew up in a world without rules; I just didn’t really feel like they applied to me.

That probably makes me sound rebellious, but I wasn’t — just exceptionally tenacious. My husband once challenged, “You seem to genuinely believe that you can have everything you want.” (I do, and I think it’s silly to waste energy wanting if you’re not committed to making it happen.)

So, that’s me. I’m a little headstrong — but in the Anne of Green Gables way. (I love this description of her character: …[She] is passionate, stubborn, warm, loyal, intelligent, an articulate chatterbox, hugely loving, in love with beauty and a dreamer with a great, big imagination. When she makes mistakes, they’re doozies, but she is full of integrity, and always wants to be a good person.)

It’s probably obvious, then, why I call myself a passionate advocate for shunning the status quo.


Are we, as Anne might say, kindred spirits?

You’re courageous, passionate, smart, and driven. You’re cutting-edge but not cutthroat. You might use a tarot card as a bookmark in the latest business bestseller. You’re a doer — or, rather, you’re an, “It’s already done”-er.

In your “business life”, you’re probably a coach, a writer, a healer, or otherwise devoted to big-hearted, energetic, make-an-impact work.

In your “personal life”, you’re the gal that friends look to for advice, the seat neighbor with whom strangers share their life stories, and the one your siblings call when they’re in hot water.

But what about your secret inner self? How does she show up in the day to day — especially in your business? Do your clients gush about feeling like they knew you the moment they landed on your website? Are you attracting your own best-fit clients?

Does your brand need more you in it?

Let me help.


About my work

I’ve been designing and coding for the web since 1999. I was fifteen then. It started as a hobby – a way to connect with my friends as a homeschooler in rural mid-Michigan. I got hooked.

I’ve been making websites since before WordPress was invented. (Not to brag, but I’ve got some chops.)

I left agency life to start this business in 2009. I was lucky enough to code for the indomitable Sarah Bray until 2011, and I’ve helped more than 200 small business owners up-level their brands in the years since.

I’ve worked with clients like NBC Sports, The National Society for Collegiate Scholars, and Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation — but my true love is personal brand identity & digital strategy. These days I work almost exclusively with female entrepreneurs and woman-owned small businesses. #theluckiest


The nitty-gritty

evan615I live in Seattle, WA with my husband, R.T., who I call my partner-in-all-things. We have an amazing bow tie-clad pup, two chinchillas, and a lizard I adopted after I learned that her name is Leslie Knope.

I’m an outgoing but highly-sensitive INFJ. I have a scientist’s brain and an artist’s heart. I enjoy yoga and green smoothies, but you’ll never, ever see me turn down a french fry or a glass of red wine. I’m a natural mama even though I don’t have children of my own. I like my home to be filled with people, plants, and animals, and I’ll do anything I possibly can to brighten your day, even if I barely know you.

My passions (outside of making the internet gorgeous and effective) include weight lifting, hiking, papercrafting, mixed-media art, and photography. I take photos with a Canon 60D or my iPhone.


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