Today I need…


This snowy morning, I need:

  • an iced latte with soy milk (ignoring that almond milk is better for me)
  • no overhead lighting (even if it means moving more slowly)
  • the flannel quilt my mama made for me wrapped around my shoulders as I respond to emails from the comfort of the sofa
  • a little time to read blogs for inspiration and internal high fives for my fellow business owners
  • a hot shower and the space heater in the studio on high

I used to wake up lively and I miss that about me. It’s a sign of age, of the mellowing I’ve done as I trade youth for wisdom. I turned 31 last weekend, and I’ve been thinking about the woman I’m becoming. I finally, finally feel like I’m shedding girl and I’m glad for that. I am grateful to not feel young anymore. I’m relishing in all the truths I’ve learned about myself through the years – including giving myself the gift of gentle starts to my mornings.

But I do miss waking up ready to conquer the world. Perhaps I also need to add to my list:

– to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

What do you need today? I’d love to hear from you on Twitter.

1 thought on “Today I need…”

  1. I do love the way the snow reflects so much light into a room that you can easily survive without the lights on in the house for most of the day even in the darkest of rooms. Is there a switch that flips at 29 and 364 days that all the sudden your body no longer holds water? Cause I hear ya; I gotta go fill up my dunks iced coffee cup with water now!

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