Somehow the end of June is upon us already! I had a really busy month, and I’ll be sharing photos on that soon, but first I’d like to travel back in time for a little May recap.


May 4th was R.T.’s 29th birthday. I made a mix CD for him – you can listen to the playlist here if you’re so inclined. We’ve been exchanging mixes the whole time we’ve been together. He’s a lot better at making them than I am — I think he’s given me twice as many as I’ve given him. Nevertheless, it’s one of my favorite gifts to give OR receive (and a physical CD with a personalized cover is way better than a playlist, even if it is a bit archaic).




We celebrated his birthday in Portland, Maine. We made a stop at Portland Flea-for-All (which was really great!) and had tapas & cocktails at Local 188.

TRAGIC news about this day – I mistakenly deleted all of the photos I took with my actual camera that day. UGHHH. Thank goodness for iPhone photos and my Instagram addiction.


A few days after R.T.’s birthday, we had a little art & wine night. I LOVE these – it’s such a great way to spend time with friends during the week — so much cheaper than happy hour AND you can be productive & social at the same time. I’d like to start doing these once a month or so.



Hiking is one of our favorite activities, but we somehow made it to mid-May before we got the chance to go to the mountains. (That’s because New England REFUSED to be spring this year. It was so cold for so long that I started to believe winter would never end.) I was just recovering from some weird sick-bug that came with a bonus of back pain (verrry curious) so we just did this little mountain, Black Cap. The views were INCREDIBLE and I would definitely do it again — it would be a great little hike for beginners or young folks.


After 2.5 years as a single car household, we bought a 2010 Mazda3 Hatchback. We got really lucky and found it about 3 hours into car shopping. It wasn’t the car we were looking for, but as soon as we saw it, we knew. R.T. has made it ‘his car’ and he’s fallen increasingly in love with it. (I named it Owen as I was in the midst of binge watching Grey’s Anatomy when we bought it. Ha.)

heymickie(she hates when i sing that song to her. ha.)

Mid-Month, my baby sister Micayla flew in from Michigan. She stayed with us until early June and then we roadtripped together back to our home state. She moved to Hawaii this month — I’m so grateful we got to spend a few weeks together before she left for the other side of the world!



Hanging out at friends’ lakehouses is one of my favorite things. In fact, when I hear the term “friends with benefits” I always think “lakehouses”. (Kidding…)

That picture of R.T. and our friend Sarah cracks me up. I also like this one, where they’re pretending to gaze adoringly at each other. What a bunch of dorks.





Our friend Tucker had a writing assignment in Burlington, Vermont, so the five of us (R.T., Micayla, myself, Tucker, and her boyfriend Tory) headed up for the day. Rain was forecasted, but it turned out to be a totally perfect day. Burlington is one of my favorite places (R.T. and I visit every fall), and it was great to share it with my sister.



Micayla is a big fan of geocaching and we went a few times while she was here. This day, we drove back to Portland (Maine) and looked for a couple of caches at the Portland Head Light. (We couldn’t find the second one!)


My little buddy Ian turned one! He and his mama are two of my favorite people & I’m so happy to be able to watch Ian grow up.



Jess came for a visit over Memorial Day weekend. Just as she got into town, the very rainy weather cleared and we headed to the beach, which was almost completely empty. (A rare treat around here in the summer!) Jess is headed west for new adventures very soon & it was great to see her before she departs.

and a few other slices of life…


Lunch in Prescott Park with my dear friend Marina.


My friend Adam and his adorable kiddo.


Bruschetta prepared by a friend and served on this really cool plate.


A scene from a walk through my tiny seacoast city.


Cocktails on movie night with Marina.


Babysitting my friends’ daughter Morgan.


Mic and R.T. in Portsmouth.


R.T. taking pictures in the park.

At the end of the month, I upgraded cameras from a Canon 40D to a Canon 60D, and I’m completely in LOVE. So! Many more photos to come!

A June recap will be up shortly. Stay tuned! xx

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