lately… {ready for summer}


Readying myself for a long weekend (though I’ll be working, because I’m still not feeling caught up after my time off earlier this month).

Lately, I’ve been…

reading: Creative Block, Apartment Therapy


wearing: These new Keen wedges. A grey jersey top from Old Navy that doesn’t seem to exist on their website (sorry). I have to mention it because I bought two of them and it’s pretty much the only thing I wear lately.


smitten with: Succulents. I can’t get enough. Plants in general, really. Maybe it’s not having any of my pets here with me in Portland, but I’m totally obsessed with having houseplants right now.

indulging in: Crepes. Iced hemp lattes. Afternoon bicycle rides. Treks in the woods with my friend Brenda.

creating: These blog posts! I made it through the first week! High five, me! Also, e-course materials (for clients’ courses). Really digging spending time in InDesign these days.

listening to: Spotify’s Acoustic Covers playlist. Pompeii by Bear’s Den. (Haunting)

bragging about: My building’s roof deck. Obviously.

looking forward to: The arrival of my next StitchFix. Camping with Brenda this summer. Flying back to NH next month to see R.T.