Lately… (late fall edition!)


Lately I’ve been…

drinking: Iced peppermint soy lattes. ‘Tis the season. (I never drink hot coffee.)

eating: A lot of coconut Chobani. Pumpkin Chobani is a nice treat as well. I’ve especially been enjoying it with a small amount of Lara cinnamon nut renola.


reading: Yes Please by Amy Poehler, of course. Saga. (I’m not much of a comic person, but one of my best friends is, and he tells me what’s up. This one is great.)


wearing: Lots of layers. Knit ponchos. LL Bean rubber mocs – so unsightly but so functional. (Does this make me a grown-up?) This shirt from Modcloth. This shirt by Lamixx on Etsy.


digging: Lifting (heavy!) weights for the first time in my life. The new pixie lights in my studio. Spending Tuesday evenings working on personal projects with a small group of friends. (My friends Marina & Adam host and call them Tinker Tuesdays.)

indulging in: Slow starts on weekday mornings. Sunday brunches. Gilmore Girls. (I watched the whole series for the first time in under two months, and I kind of want to start again.)

listening to: My rights versus yours by The new Pornographers. New Lover by Josh Ritter. A lot of Taylor Swift. (Whatever. I never said I was cool.)

proud of: The year I’ve had. SO GOOD. I’ve accomplished so much. High five, me. (I’ll tell you more soon – I’ve learned so much this year about success, ease, ideal clients, earning potential, and running a business without BEING your business.)


creating: Pages in my art journal. Constantly. So much happening there. I’m loving just spilling open there on a regular (almost daily) basis.

looking forward to: R.T.’s newly-renamed band‘s show on 12/13. The holidays with friends. The start of a fresh, new year. Upcoming trips to California and Hawaii in February.

To steal from Kathleen, I’ve been wildly productive and living the dream. 2014 has been amazing. So looking forward to journeying through 2015 with you.

PS. Michelle featured me on her blog today, if you’re interested in reading about how my Filofax helps me manage my life + business.