lately… {junebug}


reading: What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. This is R.T.’s favorite book, and I’ve somehow made it four years into our relationship without reading it. I’m remedying that now, and I keep asking him to re-read certain stories so that we can talk about them. It’s pretty sweet, actually.

wearing: This tunic from Modcloth. Oh my word. I love it so much. (I just ordered two more.)

smitten with: camping! How did I make it 31 years without having this experience?

indulging in: Tiny pockets of fun amidst my insane work schedule this month. Nickel arcade, Jurassic World, the rose gardens, stand-up comedy, my little camping trip, drinks with friends.

creating: Weekly spreads in my Filofax. I really want to get back to art journaling and Project Life, but since time is limited, I’m getting joy out of the process of laying out my week every Sunday, and making little notes + additions throughout the week.

listening to: Bon Iver’s cover of I can’t make you love me. It’s on a playlist I’ve been listening to a lot, and I just really love it.

bragging about: Officially incorporating! My little biz and I are not legally the same entity anymore! This is only exciting to me, but man, it is really exciting. (I’m earning an actual paycheck again! That’s kind of rad.)

looking forward to: SEEING RANDALL! (Or, as you know him, R.T.) I fly back to NH on Thursday! I’ll be there until July 8th, soaking up some east coast summer & adventuring in the Whites. Yes.