Lately… {i was made for sunny days}

Lately, I’ve been…

reading: Issue 3 of Mabel Magazine // My Heart is an Idiot by Davy Rothbart, which I picked up at Powell’s when R.T. was in town. It’s pretty brilliant.


wearing: This denim jacket, which arrived in my last StitchFix, just as I was starting to covet a denim jacket. I love it SO. MUCH. It’s soft and just-stretchy-enough. The only bad thing about it is that it arrived just as it started to heat up in Portland.

(This photo belongs to Liz)

smitten with: These prayer flags by Liz. So excited to hang these in my apartment. // Geometric earrings. I want all of these. I bought a pair similar to these at a shop near my building and I’ve been wearing them almost every day.

indulging in: Evenings on the roof deck. // Lots of time with new friends. // Whiskey. (I’m newly into it. It tastes like suffering, but in a really lovely way.)


creating: Is it cheating to reference work here? Website designs, style guides, mood boards, the whole shebang. Work is pretty busy (and awesome) right now. I haven’t been doing much artsy-crafty stuff lately, though — but for all the right reasons. (New friends. Yoga. Bike rides. Hiking. This blog challenge… You get the idea.)

listening to: Podcasts. // Also, have I told you about my guilty-pleasure obsession with Meiko’s song Boys with Girlfriends? My love for this song is kind of hilarious, given the extent to which I don’t relate to the lyrics (at all).

bragging about: Hiring help to do all the things I’ve been winging the last few years. (A new CPA, a hair colorist, a lawyer, AND I have an appointment next week to hire a team of consultants to help with some changes to my business. AAAAH.)

looking forward to: Seeing The Weepies – TONIGHT!!!

CELEBRATING: Today is my dear friend Elise‘s birthday. She’s the gal who inspired me to to start this 100 Day Challenge — she inspires and motivates me in so many ways, and I’m so immensely grateful for her friendship. Psyched to see her when I visit NH in a few weeks, and to spend a few days with her in NOLA this fall. (I love you, buddy. Happiest birthday.)