Way back when my dear friend Sara and I were the two nerdiest teens ever, we wrote each other letters that spanned the course of several days. They were typically 7+ pages long. At some point we started doing these little status posts at the start of each day:

I scribbled a couple of things out in this photo because I want Sara to stay friends with me. Do note that there is a ‘left sock’ category, though. We intentionally wore mis-matched socks for… probably years. I still think that’s cool, actually.

I’ve seen similar things done on the web and I’m always really intrigued by them. Susannah does Sunday Check-ins, and Elsie & Emma did this super cute Sister Stuff post awhile back.

I thought it might be fun to offer you a little peek of my personal favorites as of late. Maybe it will turn into a recurring thing! So, without further ado…

Lately, I’ve been…

drinking: a lot of water, thanks to my Camelback eddy (mine is lavender). Really working on my water intake. Also, Marina recently made a cucumber/grapefruit/gin cocktail for a party, and that was pretty delicious. I don’t have her recipe, but this might get you close.

eating: jackfruit! This obsession started when my-friend-who-makes-delicious-things (Marina, if you haven’t been paying attention) made a Thai curry version of these shredded jackfruit tacos. R.T. and I recently made another variation of jackfruit tacos (no recipe because R.T. is the taco master and just wings it), and buffalo jackfruit pizza. I also learned how to make vegan ranch for the purpose of putting it on that pizza. YUM.


reading: Forest Feast (visually breathtaking!), Isa Does It, The Strategic Web Designer, Women, Food and God, Tell the Wolves I’m Home


wearing: my Keen sandals – mine are a couple of years old, but this is their current take on the same model. (Sidenote: This is the summer I finally fell out of love with flip-flops. I’m more than a little sad about it.)

digging: my bicycle, the ocean, quiet evenings sandwiched between lots of time with friends, everything to do with tiny houses, particularly Tiny House Nation (we buy the episodes on Amazon), and TINY (available on Netflix)

crushing on: Sas Petherick (We’re working on a project together this summer – she’s totally brilliant + hilarious.)

indulging in: Finding Carter (what even is this show? Guilty pleasure for sure), sour patch kids

listening to: The Bleachers – ‘I Wanna Get Better’ (Lena Dunham directed the music video), Allison Weiss’ ‘Call your Girlfriend’ cover – both on shameless repeat.

proud of: creating healthier habits both food + movement-wise (sour patch kids aside). I recently ran my first non-stop mile since high school! High five, me! (I’ve been calling my running posts ‘Chubby Asthmatic Runner Progress Reports’ on Facebook. Who doesn’t love a humblebrag? Ha.)

creating: a homemade version of a Midori Traveler’s Notebook (loving it), Project Life (I may do a post about that soon!)

looking forward to: Marie’s beta run of Digital Strategy School starting this month, Mara’s Restore Retreat in September, my first whale watch sometime in the next few weeks!

And, scene. Tell me what you’re digging in any (or all!) of these various categories. Especially happy/upbeat songs I may not have heard, because I am in constant need of new music for my jogs.

2 thoughts on “lately…”

  1. Just in case you go to Target and are hoping to feed your Sour Patch Kids craving, and you see that they ONLY have watermelon version (yuck) and SPK “Now with Blue!” (ew), and instead you think that it would probably be fine to just get the Target-brand “Sour Buddies”—DON’T. Get the regular ones with blue, and pick out the blue if you must. Sour Buddies are PURE GARBAGE.

    • Hahaha. Thanks, Crystal! I had the “now with blue!” ones last week and I thought they were okay. I promise to never try Sour Buddies though.

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