Happy-hearted elopement-planning

I’ve had a bad head cold all week. This is, shall we say, annoying. I have lots of coding to do. I was, as my new superhero friend Kim says, “badassing” my way through developing the new Curly Girl website/e-shop (coming soon to the internet near you) before the world’s most terrible head cold struck. Now instead of badassing, I’m just trudging. It’s a real bummer.

Nevertheless, I have a heart full of joy & gratitude. R.T. and I have been planning our elopement, which takes place in just under two months. This is a lot of work, and we’re not even doing anything! We’re planning the tiniest, tiniest little ceremony in which our friend Marie officiates and the fabulous Melissa Koren takes photos. This is happening in New Hampshire & we’re not having guests or a reception or any of the hullabaloo. But there’s still plenty to do!

I.E., taking R.T.’s tux to the tailor…

At the tailor. #elopementprep

… Ordering my dress, booking our post-elopement stay (honeymoon?) at a Bed & Breakfast in Vermont, and ordering our wedding bands (see: mine, his).

My wedding band, like my engagement ring, is from this etsy seller, who R.T. tells me is an absolute delight to work with.

(Sidenote: I’m totally in love with this ring.)

So, this happened. #engaged

After we dropped his tux off at the tailor yesterday, I said, “Yay, all of our planning is nearly complete!” and he said, “Right, minus, you know, the legal stuff.” Oh, right. We have no idea how to navigate our way through that maze, but I guess we’ll figure it out. I’m taking his last name – a decision we came to after months of trying to chose a new surname for the two of us to share. We did decide on one, actually, and then R.T.’s mom pointed out that there’s a lot of legal junk involved in changing your name as a guy. (Annoying.) We were willing to put forth the effort, but it turns out that in Michigan, you have to have lived in the same county for a year before you can petition the court, and that won’t be true for us until about three months after we’re married. So. I’ll be Mrs. Tompkins after all. (Yay!)

Anyway. I’m really happy and really excited to see things taking shape. I’m glad that we decided to do something simple instead of trying to wrangle our two sets of friends and families into one place. (Most of our friends are in NH; my entire family is in Michigan — except, of course, my dad, who is still in the Middle East.)

It’s all coming together. So nice.

We’re also using our upcoming nuptials as an opportunity to raise money for Charity:Water, so consider donating, if you would. (More on this to come.)

Time for more Advil Cold & Sinus and then more code-trudging. And later, a nap. (Send me healing vibes.)

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