Coffee Break


This is my first-ever links roundup! I’ve been meaning to do one for ages (having spent years in love with Gala Darling’s Carousel feature), but when I read this post, I knew it was time. I was going to call it something really snappy that involved rhyming my name with the number seven, but instead… Coffee Break. On Wednesdays, because we’re only halfway to the weekend, and you deserve a little break.

Of all of the articles I read about depression in the days following Robin Williams’ death, Not Everyone Feels This Way was the one that hit me the hardest. Do you see those trees? There are leaves. There are leaves.

I keep meaning to try stamping with rubber bands. Love this look.

How we do anything is how we do everything. Smarts from Sas in this post.

I am a woman reclaiming body trust is a lovely read – I have it pinned to my A Self-Love Story Pinterest board and have revisited it several times.

The other day, Sarah tweeted about this project that my fellow code nerds will especially appreciate: A Single Div, in which Lynn Fisher makes remarkable illustrations using only CSS. (I’m so seriously in awe of this.)

Have you ever considered polyamory? Either way, this article from The Atlantic is an interesting read.

Summer is typically quiet on the work front — if that’s true for you, too, here are 8 things you can and should do when business is slow. I recently revamped my services page so it’s ready for business as things pick up in the coming weeks.

The cooler weather lately has me thinking about fall clothing. Hannah is one of my style crushes, & as a fellow HSP, I’ve been coveting many of the things in this post (namely this).

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  1. Thank you for reminding that is half way done of week… with business running from home I often forget that:)
    my summer was some sort of quiet as well, so it is a harder now to keep up with a preseason rush.

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