Coffee Break: The 1st of July


Happy July! Yayyy, new month!

Walk around feeling like a leaf. Lovely post – especially love the poem at the end.

Plants I haven’t Killed Yet – As another new green thumb, I thought this was really cute. (My plants are back in Portland, probably slowly dying as we speak.)

“In many ways, marketing as a listener is about (creating and) holding space. When you market as a listener, you’re creating a container for others experiences.” – Tara Gentile’s brilliant advice on marketing when you’d rather be listening. I seriously need to read and re-read this on a weekly basis.

8 things everyone should do before 8am. Confession: I tend to drag my feet in the morning. It’s a huge time suck. I’m going to try this.

“The solution is not to build a bigger wall. The solution is figuring out how to build a society in which we don’t need a bigger wall.” The internet is some trippy shit… is maybe my favorite thing Ash has ever written.

LSD, a $20,000 Investment, and the Perfect Breakup – Such courage & vulnerability here. (I’m a sucker for a healthy/amicable breakup story. I just dig them.)

A long but amusing & important read: The Procrastination Matrix.

Note, kinda related to the above link: I’ve decided to end my 100 Days of Blogging challenge this Saturday, at day 50. I’ll write more about the why & what I’ve learned on Saturday, but I’m mentioning it now so that it doesn’t seem like a rash decision.

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  1. Um. HOLY SHIT that last article… series of all 3 articles actually. Damn. I am going to go sit with my journal for awhile and process what just smacked me in the face. Suddenly I have a very clear picture of why it is July and I have yet to make meaningful progress on my miles long to-do list to re-launch my business next month, do some solo long distance backpacking, eat well… yeesh.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your decision to stop the blogging project. Thank you so much for sharing that link!

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