Happy July! Yayyy, new month!

Walk around feeling like a leaf. Lovely post – especially love the poem at the end.

Plants I haven’t Killed Yet – As another new green thumb, I thought this was really cute. (My plants are back in Portland, probably slowly dying as we speak.)

“In many ways, marketing as a listener is about (creating and) holding space. When you market as a listener, you’re creating a container for others experiences.” – Tara Gentile’s brilliant advice on marketing when you’d rather be listening. I seriously need to read and re-read this on a weekly basis.

8 things everyone should do before 8am. Confession: I tend to drag my feet in the morning. It’s a huge time suck. I’m going to try this.

“The solution is not to build a bigger wall. The solution is figuring out how to build a society in which we don’t need a bigger wall.” The internet is some trippy shit… is maybe my favorite thing Ash has ever written.

LSD, a $20,000 Investment, and the Perfect Breakup – Such courage & vulnerability here. (I’m a sucker for a healthy/amicable breakup story. I just dig them.)

A long but amusing & important read: The Procrastination Matrix.

Note, kinda related to the above link: I’ve decided to end my 100 Days of Blogging challenge this Saturday, at day 50. I’ll write more about the why & what I’ve learned on Saturday, but I’m mentioning it now so that it doesn’t seem like a rash decision.

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