Coffee break: May Days


Here are some things I’ve enjoyed around the web since we last had a coffee break together:

What your name would be if you were born today. I’m a total name nerd, and I spent a super long time on this, entering the names of everyone I know. (According to the ranking, if I’d been born this year, my parents would have named me Brianna.)

Self employment is a master’s degree in spiritual growth and other words of wisdom from Jennifer Louden.

Sarah J. Bray’s pocket guide to e-mail marketing – pin this! Sarah’s a smarty.

Some advice on balancing a blog and a day job. This 100 Days of Blogging challenge has been tough, let me tell you. I’m soaking up all the blogging advice I can get.

Breaking past even – mainstream business advice I can get behind!

IHTM: I am in a long-distance open marriage. Yep! Painfully accurate.

I want to be a sea-hag. Not a mermaid. And, another call for a little more real-ness in our internet lives: Imperfectly. (I dig it. I also dig really pretty Instagram feeds, so, you know. Do what you’re doing.)