Coffee Break: Leaving on a Jetplane


48 hours from now I’ll be on a plane bound for San Diego for a visit with the lovely Michelle of Uplift Artisan. From there, I head to Portlandia, where I’ll be sipping coffee and enjoying rainy-day wanderings until April. Exciting! There are a few sad farewells to get through before then, so I’m in full-on cry-mode over here, but I do find a particular comfort in missing and being missed.

I can’t oversell the work of R.M. Drake – I ‘heart’ everything he posts on Instagram. This feels especially true for me right now.

“There are no more crying cows. I am invested once again in happiness. Not the kind you get from acquiring but the sense of happy almost sad that comes from deep gratitude. The sense of direction you can get get from being grateful for nothing in particular.”The Totems of Heartache

I’ve read this probably five times this week: “It works better if you enjoy it.” 36 things I wish SOMEbody would have told me along the way about money, sex and business

Wise words from Allie Lehman on working with your spouse.

Do I link to something Sas wrote in every Coffee Break? Well, she’s brilliant. #sorrynotsorry

“Assumption is a kind of cowardice. Find out the truth. Be courageous. Ask. The truth is for seekers. The truth is for people who want to change, learn and grow — independently and corporately within their relationships.” – gorgeous words and photographs via The Noisy Plume

An Ode to Being Almost 30 – still relevant at 31. “Thirty is when things start to get really good. I think this has something to do with the fact that many women won’t really go for it, pour their whole selves into something and push like hell to make it work, until they’re convinced they can crush it.”

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