Love Being Boss is my new favorite Podcast. See: Episode 2 // What to do when you’re freaking out about money

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is totally brilliant.

I’m newly obsessed with minimalist wardrobes (I’m about to live out of a single suitcase for 2 months, after all) and Unfancy’s capsule wardrobe has me super inspired.

Two simple attitude adjustments that will take your business to the next level via RockNRollBride. (Spoiler: Collaboration & passion projects. ABSOLUTELY.)

“If it doesn’t support your ultimate end game, toss it out, make it a hobby, masturbate over it in the shower, or add it to a list of ‘future businesses I’d love to start.’ But don’t tack it onto your business. You are not a five and dime store.” Ash Ambirge tells it like it is.

Looking for a warm, spiritual community of women to circle with this year? How about Heart and Hearth Circle with Sas and Meghan? I happen to know that the monthly PDFs are beautiful (because I designed them, natch).

I dig this Here’s the thing post on Intuition via the darling Jenny Hyde. (Adore her!) Now is an especially good opportunity to tune into our intuition, since Mercury is in retrograde again. (YAWN.)

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