Coffee Break #2


You’re really not supposed to point out when you’ve neglected your blog (lame!) buuuut, since my last post was Coffee Break two weeks ago, you probably noticed. Crap. [Insert whatever excuse makes it okay for me to be a slackass over here.] Anyway! Here are some links to things I think you might like.

What to do when you get off track. (Note: I’ve been reading Nicole’s blog obsessively lately. That girl knows how to get shit done.)

The Short, Slightly Sarcastic Answer to (At Least Eleven) Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Selling Yourself. Featuring: A Strong Opinion. Despite my business being successful (by my own standards, at least), I’m not a strong salesperson. For the most part, I’m good with that. BUT, this straight-shooting advice is A+.

5 Pointers for Developing Freedom-based Creativity & Work Habits by the always-brilliant Danielle Laporte. I’ve been working from coffeeshops on Saturdays lately, and I’ll own up to the guilt of working when I’m “not supposed to”. Tsk, tsk.

I tried shrub soda when I was in Michigan a few months back – it seems like it’s trendy there now? But it hasn’t made its way east, so perhaps I’ll give this recipe for drinking vinegar a shot.

How to be a Grown-Ass Woman: Romantic Relationships. I wish someone had written this to me when I was in my twenties. I learned it all the hard way eventually, but not without doing some damage to my own heart and others’ in the process.

How I Failed my way to Success. I love a realistic take on what it’s like to build a business from nothing. Refreshing.

I totally adore SuperLoveTees. I have this Wild Spirit hoodie (didn’t take it off for two weeks after it arrived!) but I really want this Likers Gonna Like shirt in the flowy or poncho style. (Haven’t seen it on offer yet. Hopefully soon!)

& that’s all folks!

One last thing before I go. Last week I launched a new website for the beautiful Sas Petherick. I’d love for you to take a look & show Sas some love!

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