Coffee Break #17

:: A little collection of things I’ve read + relished around the internet recently ::

25 Reasons to Keep Making Stuff

“I was equating Netflix with self-care and downtime, but the truth is that creativity is a much more powerful form of self-care.”

I loved this post by my friend Marie. Why We Said Goodbye To Netflix on Weekdays

This. Is. Just. My. Face. – “My woman-face does not exist for the world’s collective amusement. I have things to do and life to live — and all kinds of thoughts to think. Sometimes I, too, look like I may be ordering a sandwich while mentally doing calculus, and that is okay. I am not a bitchface, resting or otherwise.”

Why We Pick Difficult Partners – I *loved* this video. 

What’s All This About Journaling? – I’ve been journaling a lot the last few months. The more I do it, the more I want to do it. I use my journal (a navy blue Leuchtturm 1917 covered in stickers) alongside my weekly planner. I keep a One Line A Day diary for each month as well as a page devoted to a gratitude list.

This really made my day: I Just Had The Most Surreal — And Profound — Flight Attendant Experience In My Life “On Thursday, as I boarded my flight, I instantly knew something out of the ordinary was happening when I was greeted by a sweet, 20-something puppy dog of a flight attendant who welcomed every single passenger onto the plane by singsonging the exact same thing ― something like: ‘Hi! I’m Zach! Welcome aboard and I hope you’re having an AWESOME day!’

He was so friendly it was almost violent.”

I’ve probably watched this ten times, and it cracks me up every time.