The rose gardens


Monday evening, Drake and I visited the International Rose Test Garden here in Portland. It was pretty marvelous.




Bold move for someone who is allergic to… all nature? Something like that.




This one was very tiny and cute. I think it was named after a pepper — jalepeno something?


I’m trying to find an exact number on how many varieties are in the test gardens – I’m sure it’s in the hundreds. All of the different colors were amazing. I wish I’d photographed some of the purple varieties. I’ll definitely be returning this summer.

I’ve challenged myself to blog every day for 100 days. This post is day 35 of 100.

Coffee Break: June 17


Things I believe – Lindsey is such a beautiful writer. Love these words.

This whole thing, especially: Sincerity is a form of power.

I was faced with a choice. Either miss out on all of the things I wanted to do, see, and experience if no one could go with me, or put my big girl panties on and just get out there! So, I chose the latter.How I learned to be my own plus one. Yeah! A topic clearly very dear to my heart.

Eight things you can live without. All true. Moving across the country with nothing & making myself comfortable in a 460sqft live/work studio has made me really aware of how little you really need. (The bags thing, though… can’t really get behind that. I have at least three that I use regularly.)

The Collaborative Designer – wise words from Marie Poulin.

Workaholism & my Slow Road to Real Productivity – a great read, even for those of us who consider ourselves to be workaholics in recovery. (I dig the idea of not answering emails first thing in the morning. I might have to try that.)

How to Eat a Healthy Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet on $50 Per Week – seems very practical. I might give this a shot when I get back from NH next month.

#onebravetruth I am longing for…


This week’s #onebravetruth prompt:

I am longing for…

I am longing for rest. The days are passing so quickly and the weeks are whirlwinds and keeping up has left me feeling exhausted in every way. (Joyously, rest is just a few days away.)

See mine and share yours on Instagram, with the hashtag #onebravetruth.

Would be so, so honored to see your photos & words this week.


The brilliant women on my team

Yay, Friday! It’s the end of week 4 of my 100 Days of Blogging challenge! I’m more than 25% of the way through!

This week was really productive! I’m feeling super jazzed about a few major things that I accomplished. Three of those things involve bringing several incredible women into my active orbit to help get shit done.

I hired Elizabeth Potts Weinstein – I’ve had ‘hire a lawyer’ on my to-do list for awhile, and finally having one is a huge relief. She’s helping me get some stuff squared away both with the legal/tax filing side of my business and helping with contracts/policies, etc. I’ve followed Elizabeth for years and I’m really thrilled to be working with her now.

I signed on to do some work with Braid Creative. I’ve admired Tara and Kathleen’s work for awhile, and my interest was piqued when I found out that they love working with other designers. They won’t be doing any visuals for me (or, at least, that’s not currently in the plan), but it’ll be fantastic to have fresh eyes on my business as I gear up to make some big changes.

My designer-bestie Elise and I decided to start our own little GSD club/mastermind. We’re doing weekly Skype check-ins & mid-week accountability texts. SO AWESOME. I really miss her, so this comes with the nice bonus of being able to see her face on video once a week.

I’m almost six years in, and my investments in my business have been pretty minimal to this point. These bigger investments in both money & time are really significant to me. (Read: I feel like an ultra legit badass.)

Also worth noting, as I’m working with folks with businesses similar to my own, that I don’t really believe in competition. I think we have nothing to lose and plenty to gain from teaming up and sharing our experiences.

Who’s on your team? Who supports you in moving forward in your business? Is there anyone in an industry similar to yours that you might team up with for insight/accountability?

Coffee Break: June 10


Digging this series on morning routines around the world.

We’re married and we have roommates. I dig this. I’ve said at points that I’m done having non-partner roommates at this point in my life, but the idea of a cooperative household sounds really nice at times. (And yay for saving money & other resources.)

I Have Been Sitting on Manspreaders For the Last Month and I Have Never Felt More Free – OMG.

“Please don’t think I don’t see the mould or the dark or the hard, because believe me, I do. But when it comes down to it, we all have a choice in what story we tell.”Living in a land of butterflies and pancakes :: Even though I only moved to a new city and not a wild new country, I relate to so much of Meghan’s relocation journey.

We’re building this wrong – thoughts on building a better web from Jesse Von Doom.

On Productivity Anxiety.


#onebravetruth: I am cultivating…

This week’s #onebravetruth prompt:

I am cultivating…

I am cultivating pleasure. I am allowing my life to be fertile ground for afternoon belly laughs, late night conversations, intimate connections, and opportunities for play. I am whispering tiny prayers of gratitude for the struggles that lead me here. I am showing up with a joyful heart.

See mine and share yours on Instagram, with the hashtag #onebravetruth.

Everyone is welcome — I’d love you to join in, even if this is your first week. (If you don’t have Instagram, feel free to share in the comments or on your own blog.) So excited to have you along!

Lately… {i was made for sunny days}

Lately, I’ve been…

reading: Issue 3 of Mabel Magazine // My Heart is an Idiot by Davy Rothbart, which I picked up at Powell’s when R.T. was in town. It’s pretty brilliant.


wearing: This denim jacket, which arrived in my last StitchFix, just as I was starting to covet a denim jacket. I love it SO. MUCH. It’s soft and just-stretchy-enough. The only bad thing about it is that it arrived just as it started to heat up in Portland.

(This photo belongs to Liz)

smitten with: These prayer flags by Liz. So excited to hang these in my apartment. // Geometric earrings. I want all of these. I bought a pair similar to these at a shop near my building and I’ve been wearing them almost every day.

indulging in: Evenings on the roof deck. // Lots of time with new friends. // Whiskey. (I’m newly into it. It tastes like suffering, but in a really lovely way.)


creating: Is it cheating to reference work here? Website designs, style guides, mood boards, the whole shebang. Work is pretty busy (and awesome) right now. I haven’t been doing much artsy-crafty stuff lately, though — but for all the right reasons. (New friends. Yoga. Bike rides. Hiking. This blog challenge… You get the idea.)

listening to: Podcasts. // Also, have I told you about my guilty-pleasure obsession with Meiko’s song Boys with Girlfriends? My love for this song is kind of hilarious, given the extent to which I don’t relate to the lyrics (at all).

bragging about: Hiring help to do all the things I’ve been winging the last few years. (A new CPA, a hair colorist, a lawyer, AND I have an appointment next week to hire a team of consultants to help with some changes to my business. AAAAH.)

looking forward to: Seeing The Weepies – TONIGHT!!!

CELEBRATING: Today is my dear friend Elise‘s birthday. She’s the gal who inspired me to to start this 100 Day Challenge — she inspires and motivates me in so many ways, and I’m so immensely grateful for her friendship. Psyched to see her when I visit NH in a few weeks, and to spend a few days with her in NOLA this fall. (I love you, buddy. Happiest birthday.)

Coffee Break: June 3


I see music because I have synesthesia, so I decided to paint what I hear (via elise) – As a fellow synesthete, I’m always fascinated by how it presents for other people, especially when there’s overlap with my own experience.

We understand deeply that life is a heartbreakingly beautiful series of goodbyes, hellos, triumphs and disappointments and we feel most alive in the midst of transformation, courageously shedding our old skin to be birthed again, raw and new. (This is for the free spirited females with fiercely sensitive hearts.)

This comic is pretty profound. I’ll leave it at that.

Things I’ve learned about Heterosexual Female Desire from Decades of Reading Ha.

Notice the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

Buddy Up and Start a Get Shit Done Club – Great idea. I have a collection of ambitious boss ladies in my life to unofficially fill this role for me #luckyme

Add to the love in the world: A challenge – I particularly love #4 – Mine for GOLD in everyone and #6 – Be Shattered. (Be an elegant disaster. Boy, am I.)

#onebravetruth: I believe that I am ______ enough


A big, huge thank you to those of you who shared your #onebravetruth last week. It was truly amazing to have you along.

On to this week’s prompt! A fill in the blank!

I believe that I am _______ enough.

Me? I believe that I am stable enough. I’ve struggled with anxiety a lot in the past, and I’m an incredibly emotional person (I often refer to myself as the Feelingest Feeler of Feelings). Those two things meshed badly at points when I was younger, and I was kind of a live wire. A combination of age and years of therapy has helped steady me through the years — but, on the other side of that, I sometimes struggle with letting myself seem too emotional. (Read: too crazy, or just all-around too much.) In reality, I’ve gotten pretty good at understanding my own emotions, where they’re coming from, and whether they’re irrational (and working through them when they are). I am both a stable person and someone who feels a lot. (I’m proud of that evolution.)

Your turn.

Remember to tag your post #onebravetruth (I’d love it if you’d tag me, too – @evanleahquinn on Instagram.)

A little note about sharing your #onebravetruth this week: Though my vision was for this to be an Instagram prompt, I also want to invite you to share in the comments here or on your own blog if that feels better to you for any reason — maybe you don’t use Instagram, or maybe you’d like to share a little more than can reasonably fit in an Instagram caption. (That would be awesome.) If you do write on your own blog and want me to link to it in this post, just leave a comment or shoot me an email at

Check back next Sunday for a new prompt. See you then!

Coffee break: May Days


Here are some things I’ve enjoyed around the web since we last had a coffee break together:

What your name would be if you were born today. I’m a total name nerd, and I spent a super long time on this, entering the names of everyone I know. (According to the ranking, if I’d been born this year, my parents would have named me Brianna.)

Self employment is a master’s degree in spiritual growth and other words of wisdom from Jennifer Louden.

Sarah J. Bray’s pocket guide to e-mail marketing – pin this! Sarah’s a smarty.

Some advice on balancing a blog and a day job. This 100 Days of Blogging challenge has been tough, let me tell you. I’m soaking up all the blogging advice I can get.

Breaking past even – mainstream business advice I can get behind!

IHTM: I am in a long-distance open marriage. Yep! Painfully accurate.

I want to be a sea-hag. Not a mermaid. And, another call for a little more real-ness in our internet lives: Imperfectly. (I dig it. I also dig really pretty Instagram feeds, so, you know. Do what you’re doing.)