A tiny life update + moving to our new city cottage

New place. #citycottage

I was so touched by the loving & supportive response to R.T.’s return to a full-time job and my decision to make some changes in my business. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but I figured I’d give you the tiniest of updates.

R.T.’s job is going well and we’re adjusting to his new 8-4 schedule. It’s motivating me to keep similar hours — I’m not quite there yet, but I’ll be keeping it in mind as I schedule future projects. (More on that to come.)

The guys rockin' out at Battle of the Bands yesterday. #chasetheghost

I’m not sure how much I’ve mentioned it here, but R.T. and his two best friends have a band called Chase the Ghost. They played a short set at a local Battle of the Bands this past weekend, and they have a show tonight, for which I designed this adorable poster:


We’ve been really busy with band stuff, but after this show, we’re switching focus to moving to our new home in a neighboring town. I call the new place our city cottage – it’s a large duplex in an old colonial. The house is u-shaped, so the walls only touch in one room on each level & it feels very much like a separate house.

Breakfast nook. #citycottage

The other stairway. #citycottage

The new place is quite a lot bigger than our current cozy one bedroom, and I’m very much looking forward to having room to stretch out a bit, to have people over and, when it gets warmer, to spend time in our lovely back yard.

Moving is stressful and exhausting, of course — but this move will be so much easier than our last two moves (NH to Michigan and back again), so we’re not terribly stressed. Plus, the place is so super charming – just look at it!

More photos to follow once we’re settled in.

Heading into 2014…

Just a quick note before I go: In 2014, my Rebrand Experience intake process will include a short but thorough application. I currently have one opening for January and a few others for early 2014. I’m planning to start taking applications on Tuesday, December 10th. We’ll have a little preliminary chat (via e-mail) before you dedicate the time to filling out the application, so if you’d like to start that conversation early, feel free to email me at leah@sixteenjuly.com — I look forward to hearing from you!

I hope you have the most marvelous Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “A tiny life update + moving to our new city cottage”

  1. Leah,
    Oh what a wonderful city cottage you have. Love to help you with ideas for your space and then to find that happy place of balancing life-work-creativity. If you don’t administer the Oxygen to you first, you can’t give it to anyone else.
    Ready for some freshness on my site/ blog when you are.
    Hang in there girl.


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