I’d like to tell you a bit about the type of work I’ve been doing at SixteenJuly for the past six months or so. In the past, I’ve been focused primarily on building and maintaining websites. Early last year, I started moving in the direction of offering more brand development. The journey that’s lead me on has been really phenomenal, and the process has really taken shape within the past month or so. (I credit all epiphanies in life and business to coaching with Mara and working with Fabeku.)

I’ve shifted toward branding from the inside out — getting to really know my clients as individuals with gifts to offer the world, and helping to build a business from there. You see, a beautiful brand and website are great, but they’re not enough. These are meant to be tools. This isn’t new information — you’ve probably heard that before. (Maybe even from me.) More than that, my work through the years has shown me that it’s also not enough to design a website for the business you have. If you’re going to shell out thousands of dollars on a rebrand, it’d better be positioned to meet you where you are and take you where you’re going. That’s why my coaching/clarity sessions are such an important part of the process of rebranding. My designs aim to highlight your truest self — on the version of you that your clients and customers are so lucky to get to work with. (You’re magnetic in a way that is totally unique.)

I’m so, so loving working with my clients in this way. We’re doing some really incredible work together. I’m seeing some powerful transformations.

It’s challenging work, though, and it’s not for everyone. I do still offer websites sans coaching, and they’re as strategy-focused as ever, but we don’t do as much inner work — that’s actually preferable for some people, and I totally get that.

If you’re interested in working together to revamp your brand or website, you can find out more about my services here.

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