Life, lately: Springtime in the Sound

Hey friends. It’s been a quiet few months ’round here. Keeping busy with client work, with a new rescue dog, with trying to will the rain away. (It finally worked!)

Everything I’ve been jazzed about since our last check-in…

reading: ‘Rescuing Penny Jane’ – This will make you cry and want to volunteer at an animal shelter. Fair warning. // A few friends and I are reading ‘What Love Is: And What It Could Be’ this month. // I also really enjoyed You are a Badass.

wearing: new Aeropastale jacket (not on their site, for some reason, but similar to this one, which is cheaper anyway – score!), ‘She Persisted’ necklace, headbands from Texture after getting a haircut I’m especially bummed about (bleh), my new custom Timbuk2 bag. (Mine is black/reflective polka dot/grey.)

smitten with: blue hair, sunny days, dog playdates, my new Fitbit Alta HR – I’ve had probably 5 different FitBits through the years, and this is my favorite. I love that it has a heart rate monitor and is slim enough that it doesn’t bug me while I’m typing. It’s just super comfortable to wear. // Oh, also – Divi Builder. I resisted working with any sort of builder or framework for a really long time, but I have to say, it makes life easier for me and my clients. I’ve seen the light.

indulging in: Lots of time in the studio. Time to learn and practice. It feels so luxurious, but it shouldn’t, right? I’ve been working toward a slower work life for awhile, and I’m finally getting there – creating more time for creating. Also – coffee dates with R.T. every weekend. Just the two of us and maybe a notebook.

creating: my new bullet journal, my blog landing page (did you notice?), lots of art journaling. // This only tangentially counts as ‘creating’, but a lot of my non-work time lately has been spent training Finnegan, the shelter dog I adopted in early January. Training a large puppy is a lot of work, as it turns out. I was unprepared. We work together every day. He’s super smart, but also super stubborn. It’s been both exhausting and rewarding and we’re nowhere near “done”.

listening to: S-Town, of course. It’s fascinating and heartbreaking. I only have a couple of episodes left. #sadface

celebrating: Two years in the PNW! Already, somehow. My life is so, so different than it was when I moved to Portland in 2015. // Getting re-energized about lifting. I’m in two small groups right now, so every Friday and Saturday I get to lift with a trainer named Maria and 2-3 other women. I got out of lifting for a bit during the time when we were buying our house – I was just too busy and stressed and other reasons. I lift because I love it, so when I wasn’t loving it, I stopped. Now I’m back to 3-4 days/week and am slowly but surely getting back to where I left off.

looking forward to: The 100 Day Project – it starts today, and it’s my first year participating. I’m nervousexcited. You can follow along with me on Instagram.


life, lately: Hello, 2017


Happy 2017, friends!

2016 went out with a bang on this end. In late October, R.T. and I went to an open house on a whim and ultimately ended up buying a house in Tacoma, WA (about 30 miles south of Seattle). It was the only house we toured, but it was very much a when you know, you know thing for me. I knew it had to be our house. We got keys on December 12th, spent that week painting, and moved in the following weekend. We’re mostly settled in already, which is mostly thanks to R.T.’s efforts.

A quick look at the other things I’m digging lately:

reading: The Big Leap (can’t believe I hadn’t read that earlier!), Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. I promised to report back on Year of Yes – it was one of my favorite reads of 2016. Shonda is fantastic.


wearing: Second-hand Frye boots – I love these so much, but they’re showing wear earlier than I would have expected. (I probably don’t know how to take care of them…) TOMS Desert wedgesTara gave me a pair of these (in taupe) during a pre-move purge while ago, and I only just started wearing them. LOVE. I found a black pair on Poshmark recently. I’m in love with a slouchy Crane Clothing beanie lately, too… As much as I dislike cold weather, I do like getting away with not doing my hair every day. Ha.


smitten with: My new office and studio spaces. And our new fireplace. The house in general, I suppose. My letter board. The lighting kit I just got last week – it’s super inexpensive, but makes SUCH a big difference for taking photos in the studio at night. (I mostly use this for Instagram – and now for FB Live – YMMV in more pro-level settings.)

indulging in: I just indulged in about a month of slow-working… generally only working a few hours a day and taking a lot of time off. Some of this was intentional – I always aim to be off for the second half of December – but some of it was just the timing of our house closing and our move. Now I’m not feeling very inclined to indulge – I’m more focused on being productive. (That’ll fade soon, I’m sure… probably when all of the TV shows I like come back from their mid-season breaks!)

creating: I’m anticipating a lot of creative work this month – both in my business and on personal projects – but for the last little while, I’ve mostly been focused on turning this house into a home. I did create a new offering last month, though. It’s been awhile since I offered a low-budget starter site – but here they are! Launchpad Sites!

listening to: in terms of music, I’m really into Passenger lately. Podcast-wise, I really loved the Being Boss episode with Nicole Antoinette. I’m also really enjoying Jess Lively‘s adventures on The Lively Show.

celebrating: becoming a homeowner, obviously! Opening my own tiny, intimate Facebook group and getting brave with the folks who are hanging out there.

looking forward to: Everything ahead this year! It’s going to be a big year for my business and I’m excited for the brilliant business owners I’ll get to help and collaborate with this year. I’m also looking forward to SPRING and the warmer weather adventures that I’ll get to enjoy with R.T. (hiking, camping, etc).

How about you? How’s 2017 shaping up so far? What are you excited about?